Taylor's shop is filled with items made from cloths ranging from the coarse material similar to what you are wearing now to garments made from the softest most luxurious silk. \n<<if visited() eq 1>>\nTaylor comes out and his eyes open wide and he scans you from head to toe. "My good man you've come to the right place. I can see you are in desperate need of some new garments. You need a new tunic and trousers to be certain. Were these your fathers or perhaps your grandfathers? Regardless we have a wide range of products. If you look right this way," he says gesturing towards the coarse clothes, "we have articles similar to the ones you are wearing now. 25 bronze for the tunic and trousers together. It's a good deal as they are 15 bronze apiece."\n<<endif>>\n<<display "Check Money">>\n<<if $money gte 25>>\n[[Buy the coarse set (25 bronze)|Buy Clothes][$clothes = 1]]\n<<endif>>\n<<if $money gte 50>>\n[[Ask about something better|Better Clothes]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Leave|Streets]]
You buy a drink.\n<<display "Check Money">>\n[[Drink here|Drink at Bar][$drinks += 1]]\n[[Drink at a table in the corner|Drink in Corner][$drinks += 1]]\n
The place is far from full, but it is not empty either.\n[[Take a seat at the bar.|At the Bar]]\n[[Leave|Streets]]
"Certainly we have better clothes than these. They are more expensive of course," he says skeptically. "These over here are smoother and softer. I will sell you a tunic and trousers for 50 bronze."\n[[Buy them|Buy Clothes][$clothes = 2]]\n[[Decline|Taylor's]]
<<if visited("Telling off the Bartender") eq 0>>\nThe bartender scowls at you. "We don't hand out drinks for free here. It's 3 bronze for an ale." \n[["Take 10 bronze out of this. I'll have some ale and a little respect."|Telling off the Bartender][$money -= 10]]\n<<elseif $clothes eq 1>>\nI see you took my advice. You don't look so much like a thief or beggar any more.\n<<elseif $clothes eq 2>>\nThose clothes are much nicer than what you were wearing before. You went to Taylor's didn't you.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $drinks lte 2>>\nYou're sitting at the bar.\n<<elseif $drinks lte 4>>\nYou're a little wobbly\n<<elseif $drinks eq 5>>\nYou're leaning against the bar.\n<<elseif $drinks eq 6>>\nYou're halfway out of your seat.\n<<elseif $drinks eq 7>>\nYou're on the floor.\n<<endif>>\n<<display "Check Money">>\n<<if $money gte 3 and $drinks neq 7>>\n[["I'll have an ale."|Buy a Drink][$money -= 3]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Leave|Streets][$drinks = 0]]
You move to a table in the corner. After finishing your ale, a haggard looking old man sits down and asks "Fancy a game of Stone Dagger Parchment? Let's put up some money and make it worth our time. I bet you 4 bronze that I can beat you"\n<<display "Check Money">>\n<<if $money gte 4>>\n[["I'll play|Play SDP]]\n<<endif>>\n[["I'll pass|Spotted Boar]]
<<if visited() eq 1>>\nThere are various places you can go in this city and since you have some coin now perhaps you'll get a little respect. Still it's probably a good idea to keep your face hidden under your hood.\n<<endif>>\nThe streets are busy with people some loitering around and others hurrying off to do some errand. What do you do?\n[[Go to the Spotted Boar|Spotted Boar]]\n[[Go to the Sister's Bakery|Sister's Bakery]]\n<<if visited("Telling off the Bartender") eq 1>>\n[[Get new clothes at Taylor's|Taylor's]]\n<<endif>>
You walk into the store and are greeted by the smell of fresh baked bread. It's a stark difference to the moldy, hard bits you've scavenged. Margret, the fairer of the three sisters is behind the counter. She says "I can't sell you anything because this part of the game is unfinished. Try going to the Spotted Boar."\n[[Leave|Streets]]
"I knew you were the gamblin' type! Alright then. Ready? Stone...Dagger...Parchment!"\n[[stone|SDP Results][$sdpChoice = "stone"]]\n[[dagger|SDP Results][$sdpChoice = "dagger"]]\n[[parchment|SDP Results][$sdpChoice = "parchment"]]
You have <<$money>> bronze.
<<set $money = 0>>\n<<set $clothes = 0>>\n<<set $drinks = 0>>\nThe townsfolk have not been generous today. Most days you earn a couple of bronze and manage not to starve, but today has been slow and you're beginning to to debate if you will go hungry or try to sneak something. Still, this town is better than most. The soldiers either don't pay attention or don't care about you being here. The people seem to throw out more scraps and there are enough places to sleep at night so no one gets suspicious. It's not an easy life, but you've had worse. Had you not been disfigured in that [[barn fire|Barn Fire]] two years ago, things would be different. Your stomach rumbles and your mind turns once again to how you will eat today. You're mulling this over as you sit in the alley behind the Sister's Bakery when the little amount of sunlight that reaches here is blocked by a [[stranger|The Stranger]].
<<if $clothes eq 1>>\n <<set $money -= 25>>\n<<elseif $clothes eq 2>>\n <<set $money -= 50>>\n<<endif>>\nYou hand over some coins and Taylor smiles. "A fine decision. If you'd like to change into them now, you can step behind this screen over here." <<display "Check Money">>\n[[Change now|Change in Store]]\n
You step behind the screen and remove your tattered old clothing.\n<<if $clothes eq 1>>\nYou put on the new set which is similar to what you had, but brand new with holes only where they're supposed to be. You feel more respectable.\n<<elseif $clothes eq 2>>\nYou slide into the new garments which are soft and nicer than anything you've had in a long time. You feel like a new man in these.\n<<endif>>\n[[Leave|Streets]]
You drink at a steady clip but avoid from downing it in one go.\n<<display At the Bar>>
The Gold Coin
Steffan Byrne
You had gotten hired on as cheap labor for the harvesting season and were allowed to sleep in the farm barn. The farmer was far from nice and didn't always pay what he said, but you had a roof over your head and money enough to eat everyday. Then one night you woke up to find the barn ablaze and animals shrieking. You knew how valuable the horses were and hurried over to open their gates and let out. A stray hoof knocked you unconcious when a horse reared up in fear. When you woke up you were in the worst pain in your life. The farmer had carried you out. He let you recover, but after a week he said you had to leave. He could no longer pay to feed you and said you frightened his children. Ever since you've obscured your face under a hood. [[Back|previous()]]
<<silently>>\n <<set $money = 100>>\n<<endsilently>>\nThe well-dressed man looks down at you, smiles, and says "Here take this." You reach out your hands expecting a bronze, but the man plces a gold coin into your palm. "Spend it wisely and don't waste it all on drink. I'll only give you one." You nod and the man continues on his way down the alley.\n<<display "Check Money">>\nWhat do you do now?\n[[Wander the streets|Streets]]
<<set $oppChoice = either("stone", "dagger", "parchment")>>\nHe throws <<$oppChoice>>\n<<if $sdpChoice eq $oppChoice>>\n"Looks like a tie."\n<<elseif ($sdpChoice eq "stone" and $oppChoice eq "dagger") or ($sdpChoice eq "dagger" and $oppChoice eq "parchment") or ($sdpChoice eq "parchment" and $oppChoice eq "stone")>>\n<<set $money += 4>>\n"Looks like you win this time. Here's your 4 bronze."\nYou take the 4 bronze.\n<<else>>\n<<set $money -= 4>>\n"I win this one! Now pay up." \nYou hand over 4 bronze.\n<<endif>>\n<<display "Check Money">>\n[[Play again|Play SDP]]\n[[Leave|Spotted Boar]]
He raises his eyebrows when you place the gold coin on the table. "I'll get you a clean mug. You know some people might question a person like you paying with gold coins. Don't get mistaken for a thief." You look down at your dirty ripped clothes. Buying a new shirt would be a good idea.\n<<display "Check Money">>\n[[Drink here|Drink at Bar]]\n[[Drink at a table in the corner|Drink in Corner]]